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Buy Life Insurance with No Medical Exam

Most insurance companies require that anyone who wants to take out a life insurance policy needs to take a medical exam. This allows the insurance company to assess the policyholder's health risks and thus, their risk level. There are many cases where people do not want to take a medical exam - they may have a pre-existing medical condition or be of an age where they know that they are going to be denied a regular life insurance policy. Sometimes they simply want life insurance quickly and waiting for their medical history to be assessed slows down the process too much. Whatever the reason, there are options to buy life insurance with no medical exam.

You can ask your insurance agent about options for a life insurance policy with no medical exam requirement. If you don't have an insurance agent or would rather find one on your own, they can often be applied for online and sometimes even approved within a single day. These policies tend to be a lot easier for people to qualify for because of much more flexible underwriting guidelines. Sometimes, they can even be transferred to a permanent life insurance policy if certain requirements are met.

Why Purchase No Medical Exam Life Insurance?
Low Hassle
A timely, often expensive, medical exam is not required.
It's Fast
Often, online approval can happen within a single day
Easier to Qualify
Flexible underwriting guidelines make it easier for people to qualify
Features of No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policies  

Policies can be somewhat different depeding on the insurance company offering the policy, but a typical no medical exam life insurance policy typically has some of the following features:

  • Level death benefits from $100-$500k (depends on policyholder's age)
  • Guaranteed level term periods of 10, 15, 20 and 30 years
  • These policies are usually renewable up until a person is 95
  • Sometimes they are able to be converted to permament policies withotu a medical exam if specified conditions are met
  • They are available in all states.

Find out about your no examination life insurance options  

If you are an older American, or you have pre-existing health conditions that often cause you to be denied for life insurance policies, or if you simply don't want to wait for life insurance....ask your insurance agent about option for no medical exam life insurance.

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